Our Process

Secure your commercial finance in 7 steps

Why trust Strata with finding your funding?

    • Longstanding relationships with lenders (more than 25 years with some), including banks, finance companies, mortgage funds, project lenders, investment banks and private lenders
    • Strata has long-term relationships with clients, founded on commitment, confidentiality and consistent performance
    • Independence means Strata works with all lenders
    • As truly independent commercial finance consultants, Strata will develop and present a proposal tailored for your specific funding requirements to the most suitable lender
    • Expertise based service is a hallmark of Strata Funding's service.

    Need residential property finance?

    Strata Funding has close working relationships with leading residential mortgage advisers who deal extensively in residential owner-occupier and rental investment mortgages, as well as associated financial services.